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Opuntias (Tortoise Food)

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Opuntias (Tortoise Food)


    smooth rounded dark glossy green pads with very few, if any, spines. Orange-red flowers. We now think that this plant is OPUNTIA COCHENILLIFERA. Makes very good grafting stock. Sometimes purchased for feeding to tortoises so these plants are pesticide free!



    rapidly growing clustering columns, reaching a metre and more quickly. It makes a magnificent candelabrum if the top is cut off and the branches are allowed to sprout, will grow into a massive specimen if bedded into a glasshouse; red flowers.


Dec 10, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers!

Thank you so much for all your custom throughout 2014.

The nursery is now closed until March 2015 when we look forward to welcoming you back again.

We wish you all best wishes from the team at Easy Cactus!

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