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Winter Update 2012/13

Unfortunately, the nursery is currently closed for the winter as plants may get frost damaged in transit during periods of freezing temperatures. The website will reopen in February 2013, so please check back again soon and apologies for the inconvenience.

Happy Holidays!


Welcome to Easy Cactus!


A whole world of easy to care for and drought resistant plants is just a mouse click away!

Our plants are an ideal choice for growing as part of a collection in a greenhouse, in the conservatory, or in the house. All they ask is a well lit, frost free position and they will give you pleasure for years to come. 

They are also ideal for positions where other plants fail to flourish. Because our plants have originated in drier areas of the world  this means they are happy on those very bright sunny windowsills and in sun-baked conservatories and porches where other plants will wilt and  die.

Although they do appreciate a bit of TLC they are very tolerant plants and if you do forget to water them they will not perish on the spot!

We have a wide range of beautiful cacti and succulents for sale including lithops (living stones), epiphyllums (orchid cacti ), hardy cacti and succulents for the garden and even specially grown pesticide free prickly pear cacti (opuntias) for tortoise food. Many of the smaller globular cacti will flower every year and offer a very interesting alternative to those bowls of spring bulbs!

We also offer a selection of books, where you'll find titles providing a wealth of information on growing cacti and succulents, and we also offer seeds so that you can try your hand at growing your own cacti and succulents!

We can deliver our plants to all parts of the UK and the EU.

Don't know where to start? Take a look at our low cost collections where is a wide selection to choose from at discounted prices.

Mar 10, 2014

We are now open after the winter break.

We are delighted to welcome all past and present customers and to wish you Happy Growing!!

RE orders - for your convenience and to save any concerns that you may have -PLEASE NOTE:-

1. that orders are despatched within seven WORKING days at the latest, by first class post, so please be patient - they often are sent sooner than this but please allow 7 working days before worrying about them.

2. It is helpful if we can put something on the package for if you are out, eg "please leave in porch if out", "please leave with neighbour if out". There is a space for this in the Customer Notes on the order form.

3. Before contacting us re non receipt please check with your LOCAL SORTING OFFICE as in most cases your packages will be there. (We know this because they will eventually be sent back to us as "not called for" otherwise!)

4. plants are sent without pots and compost, ready for potting up. (They cannot be sent in pots with compost as the compost is dry and falls out; also postage would be much more expensive, we try to keep it as low as possible but Royal Mail has implemented large postal rises as it is. )

5. we are so sorry, but we do not sell large specimens 4. we are so sorry, but we do not do not sell in wholesale quantities

6. most queries you may have for us are answered on the site

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