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Cactus and other succulents have a universal appeal and almost every household has at least one from this huge and varied group of plants.

Cactus are leafless plants that use thickened stems to store water and food stores for times of drought, the same principle applies to the other succulents but there are some main differences between cacti and all other succulents.

What could be more inspiring than to see a freshly opened flower emerging from a living stone!

LEFT: Rebutia albipilosa produces vibrant red flowers in profusion

All cacti share these properties without exception:

  • The seed has two halves (dicotyledon)
  • The seed pod (berry) is not internally divided but seeds are dispersed within the flesh
  • The plant has pincushion like areoles, this is where the spines sprout from
  • All cacti are perennials
  • The petals arise from the end of the top of the ovary
Please read the Winter Care notes to get the best from your plants
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